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Cairns Adventure Guide – White Water Rafting in Mission Beach

If you’ve ever wanted to have an unforgettable adventure in North Queensland, river rafting can provide the solution. White water rafting in Queensland offers tourists, adventurers, and other explorers the chance to see some of the most incredible natural wonders that the area offers up close. Cruising down the Tully River provides spellbinding vistas of the oldest rainforest in the world, along with the excitement of operating a sport or water raft. When you choose an experienced and dedicated company to help you go white water rafting in QLD, you’ll enjoy an experience like no other.

Explore a Gorgeous Part of the World with White Water Rafting Trips from Mission Beach

At Wildside Adventures, we’ll help you begin your white water rafting trip from our Mission Beach location, then guide you down the Tully River so that you can see as much of this brilliant and beautiful area as possible. Our experienced guides have helped countless sport and water enthusiasts experience an authentic water rafting experience in QLD, providing unrivalled support and safety training beforehand. We keep you informed and engaged during the trip, but control of your vessel is up to you. You’ll be in charge of your own two-person sports rafts during the entirety of the journey so that you can soak up as many thrills as possible.

There are several notable advantages to choosing Wildside Adventures for your white water rafting needs in QLD. They include:

  • The peace of mind that comes with knowing your instructor is highly trained and experienced with the section of river down which you will be rafting
  • The thrills that come with being able to control your own craft, instead of having an employee of the rafting company do everything for you while you sit in the back
  • The chance to glimpse some of the most stunning scenery in all of Australia in person as you pass through the oldest rainforest in the world
  • The detailed care and attention you can only receive through a locally owned and operated business whose investment in your time with them is genuine

Learn Valuable New Skills While You Have the Time of Your Life

Not only is white water rafting in Queensland with Wildside Adventures a pleasure; it can be a valuable learning experience. Taking control of a sports raft can be a truly liberating educational experience, which our guests have stated provides them with increased confidence and a sense of accomplishment. If you are looking for a way to feel as good about yourself as you will about your weekend, our half- or full-day trips can provide the perfect solution.

Have fun, develop your skill in the outdoors, and see mind-blowing sights all at once when you schedule an excursion from Mission Beach QLD with Wildside Adventures. Contact us and speak with one of our friendly, energetic, and informative staff ASAP to learn more.

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