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The Best White Water Rafting Adventure Tours in Cairns, Australia

Wildside Adventures offers the best white water rafting adventure tours in Australia. Why are we the best? That’s easy. We have the best guides; we sports raft in the best river; we have the best tours. Don’t believe us? Explore our adventures.

Wildside Adventures Has the Best Guides in White Water Rafting

Wildside Adventure guides are experts in sports rafting. Their high level of knowledge and experience make them industry leaders. Our guides will share their experience with you as they teach you the ins and outs of sports rafting. Once our guides have you suited up and confident with your skills, it’s time to hit the rapids for your white water adventure.

Your safety is our guide’s #1 concern, but fun is #2. Our friendly guides love what they do, and their passion for sports rafting is contagious. Our guides will make sure you have the best water rafting adventure while they help you navigate the river.

Honestly having fun is a natural part of our guides’ job because sports rafting is an exciting way to ride the rapids. We have the best sports rafting adventures in Australia because we are the only adventure company to offer sports rafting.

Sports rafting uses inflatable two-person kayaks instead of large six-person rafts. You are in complete control of your own sports raft making it the best water rafting adventure you can have. In your sports raft, you have a more intimate experience with the river. You see it, feel it, and love it!

The Tully River is the Best White Water Rafting Destination

The Tully River is the best white water rafting destination in Far North Queensland. Your water rafting adventure starts in Cairns or Mission Beach where we meet to drive you to the river. Tully River has excellent class 2 and 3 rapids to navigate on your tour.

On your tour, be sure to drink in your surroundings. The Tully River is one of Australia’s ancient rivers and is surrounded by the oldest rainforests in the world. You will become part of the ecosystem as you white water raft down Tully River. Wildlife, including Australia’s cassowary which is unique to the region, can be spotted throughout the day.

Wildside Adventures has the best white water rafting in Australia because we offer a half day tour package. Both full day and half day tours will take you through the class 2 and 3 rapids. The full-day tour starts in the morning and runs through 12 kilometres of river. Our half day tours start in the morning or at noon and complete 6 kilometres of river.

Wildside Adventures guides are ready to take you on the best white water rafting adventure in Australia. Tully River is waiting for you. The rapids are calling your name. All you have to do is contact us for more information or to make a reservation. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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