Sports Rafting on the Wild Tully River

Whitewater & World Heritage Rainforest

Experience the world class Tully Gorge river rapids

You will be in charge of your own sports raft
You will leave with new SKILLS and an AMAZING Experience
You will become a member of the Wildside Adventures Warriors Club

Join us for an awesome teambuilding adventure with friends.  Our experienced and professional guides will be there to give you the assistance when needed while teaching you control and patience.  This adventure promises to bring a smile to your face and a good nights sleep!

Half Day Sports Rafting – $75pp

BOOK DIRECT WITH US: 0432 477 689

Full Day Sports Rafting – $150pp

BOOK DIRECT WITH US: 0432 477 689

Some of our latest reviews!

The best day on Mission Beach with Wildside Adventures:-)

Just by coinsident we ran into a representative from Wildside on the beach. It was a very good chance which gave us the opportunity to do some whitewater action in the Tully gorge rainforest.

Wildside adventures are genuinely into showing off the Australian wildlife and have a lot of insight to the workings off the rainforest. more …

Tom L


Thanks guys for this incredible rafting experience. I had such a good day out on the beautiful Tully River. Everything is well organised and you feel like not just like a number, they try to make it as personal as they can! Would love to do it again.


Lara W

Great day out

Al picked us up from right outside where we were staying. On the water in no time at all in my own kayak. Really good views, great atmosphere and fun rapids. Al was great, we all had a good laugh. Lunch was amazing, treated to a right feast! Well worth the money, a fantastic day out, would recommend to anyone who likes fun and a decent day out. Thanks again wildside adventures.


Whitewater Rafting on the ragin Tully River has become a whole lot more personal - and that's great for YOU!

Maximum two people per sports raft means you will have a lot more ‘me’ time. A big thumbs up to that!

From a little wild ..

.. to a little mild ..

.. to really wet!

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