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White Water Rafting Tours in Cairns – Half and Full Day Rafting Tours

Are you looking for a sports rafting adventure where you can breathe in the natural beauty of the Tully River and the world’s oldest rainforests? Wildside Adventures has the white water rafting tour for you. Wildside Adventures is locally owned and operated and has been expertly guiding full and half day white water rafting tours for four years. Our experienced and friendly guides guarantee a personalised and intimate white water rafting experience.

Wildside Adventures offers a unique escapade of white water rafting in Cairns. We focus on sports rafting. We navigate the Tully River in specialised inflatable kayaks. Our two-person sports rafts mean you are in charge of your white water rafting adventure. Our sports rafts are designed to be controlled by you.

Full Day White Water Rafting Tours

Wildside Adventures offers full and half day rafting tours to suit you. The tours are similar in several ways. You will have a choice of starting your adventure at Mission Beach or in Cairns where we meet to drive you to the start point. Your white water rafting tour will take you through class two and three rapids.

The full-day tour starts at 8am and will take you through 12 kilometres of white water rafting fun. You will stop at pull out points along the route. During the morning break, you will be refreshed with a spot of morning tea. You will continue your white water adventure and pull out again at lunchtime to recharge with a light lunch where you’ll be able to rest or take a dip to cool off.

Half Day White Water Rafting in Cairns

Wildside Adventures understand that a full day tour isn’t the best fit for everybody which is why We offer a half day white water rafting tour in Cairns. Maybe you don’t have time in your schedule or you have children that would find a full day tour difficult. A half day gives you the same intimate river experience but in half the distance.

A half day white water rafting tour gives you a choice of start times. You can white water raft in the morning starting at 9:00 or in the afternoon starting at 12:00. You will become at sports rafting expert over the course of 6 kilometres along the Tully River. To celebrate a job well done we offer free beer with a half day white water rafting tour. See which tour is right for you.

No matter which white water rafting tour you choose be sure to drink in your surroundings. Sports rafting gives you an intimate relationship with the ancient rivers and rainforests. Enjoy spotting wildlife including the cassowary which is unique to the region.

Are you ready to have a white water rafting adventure? Do you have questions about our tours or sports rafting? Are you ready to make a reservation? Why are you waiting? Our friendly guides at Wildside Adventures are waiting to hear from you. Just contact us.

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